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An extract off the inside " trendy " top plastic lid on the Amiga A1000 Computer, The names of all those involved
This text was last updated and is current from June 16th 1999

Those who shall be remembered Who done it number 1 gif

Those who shall be remembered Who done it number 2 gif

Amiga workbench screen running on 1/2 MB    A simple Amiga Animation from 1985 - no other computer was capable of this simple task until  at least 10 years later    The Amiga A1000 from 1985, 7.09 MHz, 1/2 meg of ram - expandable to 8 MB, 4096 colors- 880K floppy

The Amiga A1000 was the first Amiga model on the market in mid 1985, sporting a mouse, a floppy disk, 4096 colors on a color
screen from palette of 16.8 million, while the average brain-dead 640K IBM compatible was struggling with 2, 4 or even 8 colors. 
Amiga had it all in 1985, grace, brains, beauty and great multi-tasking, 32 Bit Motorola 68000 processor and the Amiga A1000
was literally light years ahead of any competition though the Company  " owners "  did not realise what a gem they really had. 
It would take engineers at IBM and other IBM clone manufacturers at least another ten years to even come " close " to some   
form of screen animation, even though they were all  " jerky "  to say the least.   It just goes to show, never put accountants in  
charge of a large company, they will " whittle it down " into a small one in no time at all - That's their mindset  [ed: Web Master]

To date, no other computer designed or made has been able to perform PRE-EMPTIVE MULTI-TASKING and that is a fact !


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