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Welcome to the somewhat amusing C-Tick page. The Government owns the spectrum eh ?

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Updated July 14th 2011
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To the ACMA and C-Tick information page

Read this below and make up your own mind

Some links to the Australian Communications Authority web site pages

Licensing and Regulation

Radio Communications Act 1992 - check it out !Sect 30.

Participating in Auctions - Oh Really ?"

Equipment compliance & labelling (A–Tick/C–Tick)

Labelling requirements summary fact sheet

Acquiring spectrum - This should be interesting

Participating in spectrum auctions - Fascinating !   Auctioning something they cannot own

The radio and TV spectrum up for auction  -  oh really  ?   How quaint  !

The A.C.M.A rules the waves .... Oh really? .... the air-waves that is aka " the radio/TV spectrum ".
Yes Folks, the Australian Government actually believes it owns the Radio and TV spectrum

We are of the belief that the spectrum,   which exists in nature and was here long before Captain James Cook and his bunch of invading British Pirates arrived on the shores of Australia, setting up an illegal regime based on British class values and the class system of brutality to anyone who rejected it, enforcing pain and suffering to anyone who spoke out and disagreed with the " so-called ruling class ".     The  bullying  started back then.

History has recorded that the Australian Aborigines were decimated in their numbers by this new and invading force and the by the representatives of  King George 3rd ( later to be removed for being a nutter ) and the British Government under the guises of Exploration and looking for a new settlement in which to dispose of British criminals and under the control of a rather " little runt " of a fellow,  one Captain James Cook ,  Captain of H.M.S. Endeavour, and all who followed after him.

So, what has this to do with the spectrum ?     Knowing what has transpired before, even centuries before,  gives us all a much clearer understanding of what was "grand-fathered in" and considered the "norm" in the year 1788, the adaptation of strict and harsh British rules and British regulations, is where all bullying started, way back then. Governor Arthur Phillip ruled  N.S.W.  with an iron fist, showing no mercy to anyone who dared speak out or rebel against him. 

The spectrum has existed since time immemorial, possibly earlier than 13.6 Billion years, the estimated age of our planet. Contarary to some zealots and popular religious beliefs, it did not start with the birth of J.C.. Uh? Dinosaurs ?

This spectrum cannot be bought, sold, auctioned, leased, rented, hired or controlled, weighed, packaged or claimed as belonging to any one entity,  whether it is a  Government  or a  Private company  or individual as it belongs to no legally recognised entity.  It is there for all of humanity's use. It is malignant dumb and un-scientific to think different. The spectrum cannot be boxed,  moved, transported, cultivated, grown, physically manipulated, altered,  coloured or touched by human hand, it exists in nature, like the air.   It can neither be see by the naked eye or by a microscope. If anyone can claim to actually own it, please, do notify us and as well contact 60 minutes TV.

Therefore,   any intelligent thinking person can conclude it cannot be owned by any government, private enterprise or by other organisation as it belongs to all humanity and it cannot be held for sale or auction leasing or hiring. 

There are rules (not laws) devised by "Rule-Makers" in Government that are in place to prosecute anyone trying to sell, offering to sell, or to hire, or to lease, or even to auction for reward or financial gain.   That is a fee simple of monies received by the so-called and self proclaimed owner / controller / lessee trying to gain monies by initiating a basic fraud. So, what is in place to prosecute a country's Government that does not comply with its own rules ?

When any individual, any organisation or any legally recognised entity, be they Government or private, if for instance they do not legally own a free title to said goods ( the spectrum ), or they make a false claim to actually own the said item (the spectrum) yet obtains monies by fraudulent means, they must prove in a law court, beyond reasonable doubt to any questions that may arise in support of their claim that they are legally entitled to own the said spectrum, thus being legally able to charge fees for the use of this   " legally titled ownership "   of the said spectrum in a full sitting of a court of law and thus support their claim of total ownership of the said spectrum that they are offering for auction, sale, lease or hire as mentioned before, in exchange for money. To claim this ownership is without a doubt a basic fraud ! 

If anyone claims to own, control or regulate the Radio and Television spectrum, they should produce their purchase receipts forthwith, along with the names of who they acquired the spectrum from, on what dates will they be relying upon in a court of law as the purchase date and signatories to the exchange of monies. When you think of the futility of this previous statement of controlling the spectrum, you will undoubtably realise that it is a scam, it is like trying to claim the ownership of the sun's sunshine, Yeah right ! There is not one scintilla of evidence of spectrum purchases.

What do they have planned next ? Maybe selling off moon portions as marketable Moon Real Estate ?  Maybe selling off Mars subdivisions as marketable Mars Real Estate ? Seriously folks, How lame is that ?

It's almost as lame as having a Carbon Dioxide tax. Are they going to tax we humans for breathing CO2 ? What about animals ? and the biggie, the plants along with sea bed bacteria, convert Carbon Dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis for us. With all this extra Carbon Dioxide, my trees, garden flowers lawn and so many plants have never had it so good. How good is that ?

Read this below and make up your own mind

Click here for the standards C-Tick**CLICK HERE** to go to A.C.A. WEB SITE

Click here to go to the A.C.A. Forms and a bit more Gobbledygook.

An application pdf to use the C-Tick - Click here for the application pdf.

More A.C.A. Forms ... this Gobbledygook list gets larger.

For all brochures regarding C-Tick Another application pdf to use the C-Tick more gobbledygook.

For the A.C.A. site map and C-Tick click here and even more gobbledygook.

E.M.C. / C-Tick Compliance.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE C-TICK pdf file and download it

CLICK HERE for "Has it got a C-TICK.htm" and download it

An opinion on what I have read so far on the A.C.A. site.

Be warned, this is without a doubt, a "Gobbledygook zone"!.   Someone has really gone to a lot of trouble ( in my humble opinion ) to justify their existence by the inclusions of "way of the over the top" legislation of which they describe as "LAWS" and a whole lot of legal mumbo-jumbo. These are rules, nothing simpler.

Laws and Rules - so what is the difference between them ?

Laws are, for example, the law of gravity, the laws of motion eg: for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction, the laws of thermal dynamics, Ohms law where E=IxR, I=E/R & R=E/I, Boyle's law pV=k on gas and pressure inverse relationships, Kirchhoff's first law (derived from Maxwell's equations and preceded by Ohms law), Kirchhoff's second Law, Lorentz force law, Einstein's law on Matter E=MC^2, Biot–Savart's law on magnetism, Ampère's circuital law and Ampère's force law, Gauss's law for magnetism, along with Coulomb's law, Faraday's law of induction, Lenz's law, Planck's law of black body radiation, these are just some of the ACCEPTED REAL LAWS which have stood up to scientific scrutiny over the past 150 years. Anything that a Government or a so-called "law" maker creates is just a mere Rule, totally challengeable by science in the full meaning of that word and by absolute scrutiny using Mathematics.

Real laws stand up to total scientific scrutiny and mathematical assessment. Laws do not ! They are man-made and as such, have absolutely noting substantial to support them except the legal people who invented them. The word "Law" is an abuse of the correct terminology for a rule. The same as the abundant abuse of the word "Organic" which means ( for the educationally challenged ) simply based on Carbon Atom. It is correct. Get used to it !


Yes, of course, it is plainly acknowledged that we all need stringent safety standards by which all products are manufactured, how they operate with the utmost of safety and protection for the "END USER", fully tested prior to sales and sold in the knowledge that no-one will be killed by an appliance,a tool or whatever, however it is (again in my humble opinion) quite an overkill. Just how many imports are made to the strict manufacturing guidelines as laid down on the A.C.A. site and adhered to by Australian Manufacturers ? hmmm ?

The information contained on the A.C.A site is good however, very mind boggling to say the very least.

 "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
 Quotation from the late Albert Einstein - scientist and thinker.

Also be warned...there are a lot of pages with some very "over the top" open to interpretation specifications and even stricter rules ( which they so very affectionately call laws ). Fine, rule of thumb keep them simple and accurate and easy to understand, talk about being over-governed, what I have read so far is gross waste of human resources, brain power and time. Its a shame they have never heard about the expression :

Make everything simple , oh for an ed-u-ma-cation !

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
It takes a touch of genius and, a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

Quotation from the late Albert Einstein.

Constructive opinions regarding some of the contents A.C.A.
web site are by The webmaster and not by management.

The component product ranges below, are those that Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. supplys for retail and are all compliant as at 01/01/99 and marked as such with the respective manufacturers compliance code label which is adhered to the product case.

The A.C.A. requires that all Computer resellers to organise and maintain a 'Generic Compliance Statement', listing all the components of the computer configuration that you offer for sale.   The list should show the product, the supplier name, and the supplier's C-Tick code.   You need to sight a C-Tick mark and code on the product to satisfy yourself that a product is C-Tick compliant.  You are not required by the A.C.A. to hold Product Compliance Statements or supporting documentation ( i.e. CE or C-Tick Test Reports), this is the responsibility of company supplying the product to you.

The main products that Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. supplys and the corresponding C-Tick codes are listed below.

MACASE PRODUCTS..........................N172

NETCOMM PRODUCTS.......................N367

YAMAHA CD ROM............................... N89

TEAC CD-ROM....................................N533

KODAK CAMERA................................N137

TDK PRODUCTS.................................N455

AGFA PRODUCTS............................N2779

FUJITSU DRIVES...............................N124

For full information on C-Tick requirements go to the A.C.A. Web Site.


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