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Unitech Electronics -    Corporate profile - Years 1978 to present.

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Current from September 20th 2005 onwards - No Changes are necessary
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Unitech Electronics Corporate Profile

Corporate Overview


Welcome to Unitech Electronics Corporate Overview

A short profile and brief history on Our Company

Unitech Electronics was established in July 14th 1978 and is a Totally Australian owned and Family operated Company.

Ammended and current from November 1st 2012

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UNITECH ELECTRONICS Pty. Ltd. Mission and Corporate History

A.C.N. 003 864 042      A.B.N. 49 003 864 042

Our Mission


Welcome to our Company profile, for those of you that have known us "well" over the
past 33 years, or in the case of the old C=64 and the Commodore - Amiga days, for
those 20 years (1982 - 2002) you will know what we mean when we say the word "100%
commitment ".

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Stock Commitment

At Unitech, we have always endeavoured to stock the best in innovative products and if
that product was not available, often we moved heaven and earth to get it for you,
sometimes, we even designed up (where needed) and manufactured products or components
in lieu of missing items no longer made due to obsolescence or by our suppliers simply
going out of business in the competitive market that is electronics.

Manufacturing products

We strive to bring you the best in circuit design and using innovative technology using
the latest available high quality components from the "brightest stars" in manufacturing
semiconductors and components in the electronics industry. We do not and will not use
low grade components, in fact as a pre-manufacturing task approaches, if transistors are
used in the design, these are each individually " hFE tested" to a AQL (Acceptable Quality
Level) to weed out the low gain-low performers ensuring only the best of the batch is used,
thus producing a superior product.

We also endeavour to service your electronics on time, subject to parts availability as
our ongoing commitment to you, our most valued asset, "The Customer". You are the very
reason we exist, your undying support over the last 29 + years has been tremendous and
it is with this support that we pledge our continued support and focus on you in by way
of electronics servicing, designing and manufacture of innovative solutions for all.

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Unitech Electronics prides itself on its ability to relate to and address each individual
customer's special needs when formulating solution, whether it be in computing strategies
or designing a new electronic product for your company to market.We listen to you.

Our mission is to always supply the "Best Of Breed" products to all our Clients as a total
quality system utilizing, if it does not work for us, then how will it work for you, that is
our simple but effective enduring philosophy.

A wise and very effective company solution approach is to integrate the most appropriate
"World's Best Solutions" for all products, to build into each clients concept, a fully
customized reliable operational solution as per their requirements.

We ensure that your Information Technology "goals" coincide with our organizational,
objectives in providing the best cost effective products and individual solutions resulting
in the delivery of user appropriate compatible hardware, software and if required, a fully
customized "turnkey" solutions to your specifications.

Our Valued Customers.

Unitech Electronics understands and is ever so mindful of the importance of the partnership
that exists between our customers and ourselves and as after all, it is the customer who
ultimately decides the fate of any enterprise, supporting us , we grow and prosper, and stay
around to support the products, no support......well....its goes without saying.

Our Staff are encouraged to build a close formal working relationship with our customers,
enabling us to better understand their ideals and goals and follow these up with business
processes catering for each individual client.

We Listen To You.

In formulating solutions, we welcome and encourage our client's staff open participation in
the specification, development and installation phase of the clients solution. This ensures
and reinforces full that our clients staff have a firm commitment towards the ongoing success
of the computer project solution and appreciate our customers feedback.

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Positive Solutions

As a key Electronics and Computer supplier, Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. takes seriously the
full responsibility for the implementation of high quality Technology solutions. This ensures
that our customers have perpetual and full access to our technical support, yet another commitment.

Our approach to a technical solution,is to involve the client and their relevant computer staff in
the decision making process.
This achieves positive input which contributes to the total solution overall.

A consensus and agreement containing a detailed functional specification is jointly formulated,
ensuring that all the members of the project can clearly visualize the concept and focus on the
business of providing a solution to meet the clients needs.

Our Support.

To ensure customers peace of mind, Unitech Electronics invests in our staff to maintains our
high level of expertise, we are being constantly updated by the latest technical journals and
trade seminars and trade expo's. We endeavour to stock components to be able to fully service
your computer equipment during the life-span of your equipment.  Another solid commitment.

Our training policy fully ensures that all staff are exposed to an appropriate blend of Personal
development and Business training and we can recommend the Bob Proctor Training Seminars for
the best results, absolutely ! Bob ... having met you in Adelaide, you ARE indeed a legend Mate !


Prior to delivery, each computer/ and system is fully tested to our highest standards, thus ensuring
that you, our valued client, receive the best possible electronic and computer related products.

We also would like our clients to make them selves available for product familiarization so that they
will have a greater knowledge of their system a clearer understanding of its operation . This training
package can be purchased as a package at any stage during the life of the contract.

Delays in delivery and service are inevitable due to the speed at which technology advances and
sometimes these can reflect on our ability to service on time , every time . Support and maintenance
contract package are available to current and future clients and can be purchased customized to meet
the needs of each clients specific needs. Drop us a line or email and our staff will be pleased to
offer you a economical solution within a few hours.

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The Beginning:

Unitech Electronics commenced operations in July 14th 1978, a some what less hectic 38+ years ago,
designing and manufacturing and installing our own specialised electronic Security alarm equipment,
as well as prototyping a rather unique operational Electronic Police / Fire / Ambulance / Rescue Siren
system with a unique P.A. override Facility , Specialised "two way" flasher units for N.S.W. ambulances
and the design, layout and full fruition single and Multi layer Printed circuit boards for various clients, plus
Contract Freelance Electronic Design and prototype services, along with special Lightning proof sequential
mains controlled timer boards for severe lightning out-door and in-the field use, computer peripherals other
specialist niche market products, requiring a high degree of applied " clever " technology as well as very
high product operational reliability as an absolute designed inbuilt feature. We achieve our clients goals by
designing reliability into all products.  Would you expect or accept any less of an effort from your supplier ?

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We were previously servicing and supporting Commodore Products since 1983 and then AMIGA since
November 1985, support of that platform has ceased as of May 1st 2002 in a decision made back in
December 2001 based on their ( AMIGA's ) performance.   Strange, how since then, nothing much or
concrete has become of them ( Amiga ) they had the whole world at their feet and blew it, That's life.
( Webmaster comments from 2002 - Never put an Accountant in charge of a company - A recipe for disaster)

In September 1st 1989 , the Unitech Electronics ( which was formerly a partnership Business in July 1978)
became incorporated as a Proprietary Limited ( Pty. Ltd. ) company our A.C.N.003 864 042 Incorporated
in the state of New South Wales and the business was built from these humble successes, to where we have
grown in size and we have weathered the changing times that have shaped the world we live in today, 38 +
years onwards, it is a different world now to when we started operations back then.


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Our hard work has produced a result that has comfortably increased with each year of operation,
that trend is continuing today, money from sales is ploughed back into the Development of more
exciting products for the future, we like to keep our technology right here in Australia.

We are a Growing 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian Operated "Family business" owned and
operated since 1978 and is located 59 kms south west of Sydney at sunny ST. Andrews, where we have
been located since 1981, " Rock Solid ", we invested in our future with one purpose in mind,
serving our customers and we also 100% own our business premises. 100% financial investment in
Unitech !  We do not believe in speculating to accumulate - Renting seems to pedestrian,
so short sighted and not a pragmatic model to pursue.   That's our dedication and commitment
to our customers ! can many other suppliers or manufacturers live up to that claim ?, We are a self
financed, self reliant and totally 100% Debt free company. This gives us 100% Stability. A worthy goal!

Some people refer to this as " Stickability " !........ an interesting word ! .... Defined as the ability to
stick around longer than others and do every task to the very best of your ability and do it well !

Our Commitment:

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We are totally committed to our customers. Careful management and a steady-as-we-go philosophy
have enabled us to maintain a balanced business growth factor that is providing us with the high
stability for continuing that growth trend despite the moving fortunes of world events of recent and
world conflicts.

Profit from our sales goes to feed the R.& D. Section, without profits, we would not be able to fund the
research into new and exciting goodies and products for your world. Sadly, there are no Government
subsidies or respectable $$$ hand-outs or subsidies for R & D in Australia. ( yet ) Quote: 1983.

It is with your support, as customers, that we continue making products for all of you, these are
researched, designed, prototyped, tested, re-tested and made here by Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.
A brief history, We have been servicing, repairing, designing and modifying bits for the Commodore
product since 1983, since back in the old C64 days and in that time, we have seen a lot of computer
and electronic business's come and go in that time, they all offered the lowest prices, so low they
forgot that there had to be money to pay bills with . Established in July 1978, Unitech Electronics
is a family owned and operated Business and has recently celebrated 34th + fun years in business.

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The Future:

WE ARE STILL HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL . 100% commitment to our clients and customers.  We look
forward to serving each and everyone of our clients and customers in the very best tradition and
supplying them with the best quality products for the price that represent good value and our famous
Australian "know-how !".   When comparing products, always look for the Unitech Electronics
Trade Mark Logo, U.E. represents and stands for high quality products that are Unequalled Excellence !

Buy Australian:
We do try harder to make far more products here in Australia , to help keep our balance of payments and our
foreign debt down , we can all do our bit to keeping our dollars here in Australia, jobs for ALL Australians!

Choose our products by Trade Mark , Unitech Electronics a proud name associated with high quality .

Copyright 1978 - 2017 Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.

Where are we located ?

Copyright 1985 - 2018 Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. - Celebrating 40 years in Business.

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Current from September 20th 2005 onwards - No Changes necessary.

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