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SEX ?   How long can we as a species exist ?    Will we go the way of the dinosaur ?

Let's do a bit of tree-shaking here Folks - let's rattle the cage...  this is a wake-up call Folks.

What? ..... Can I get cancer from the little chemical numbers ?... surely not ! . . scroll down and READ this bit first.

  Yes sex, the very essence of reproducing is under threat, Dr David Suzuki, The Late Dr John Lee, along with many other informed 
  researchers states that they believe that the last male to sire a child, in their humble opinion, has just been born, but why are we 
  still tolerating toxic hormone affecting products in the market place ?, how do you stop it ?   This is fairly easy, just find new 
  ways of formulating non-toxic products without using "14 Dioxin" and newer ways of getting rid of many other nasties from products, 
  is it hard ? no....the solution is easier. If a company makes the same crap year in year out, then be very suspect of the ingredients.

  Hermaphrodite Fish in the rivers, not knowing whether to lead or dance, an example is Florida alligators with sex organs so small 
  they cannot copulate. Young girls developing sooner than ever before, some even as young as six years of age, fully developed as
  adult women at six !  Young boys with flabby chests, resembling breast tissue, men with "man-boobs" when will it end ? One person 
  cannot stop it, but many can. Xeno-estrogens inhaled by car owners while driving, yes, that new car smell is a toxic estrogen mimic.

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   Men,..... wanna grow breasts?, Sniff it up ! Detergents, plastic containers, shampoo's, conditioners, certain milk products, chickens,   
   beef and pork, all pumped with estrogen to make them grow larger, fattening up quicker. Excited by these prospects? on...

  It's Simple, no rocket science degree needed, just vote with your feet, refuse to buy toxic products, refuse to be a guinea pig in 
  their profit schemes, refuse to accept the unacceptable ! Refuse to accept mediocrity in personal care products. 
 There are new ways of formulating safe non-toxic non-harmful ingredients. Products are out there that are safe for us all.

  Are our governments really looking after our very best interests, they have not banned cigarettes now have they ? It is well 
  documented how cancerous inhaling cigarette smoke is.

  They have failed to protect you and me from allowing toxic products that were all "grand fathered" in many years ago to be
  used on babies, children and folks of all ages.

  Surprisingly, most of you still reading this, are bathing in SLS - engine degreaser, lubing up with brake fluid ( Propylene Glycol )  
  in our hair ? and accepting that the label is there to inform us that "all is well" and it is completely safe, well, frankly the evidence 
  written says it's not  !... Get used to it! Governments have failed to warn us. It is now up to each of us to learn.

  Please, do not accept that this is the way things ought to be, choose non toxic alternatives, new ways of formulating safe 
  products exist today.....yes they do exist....we use them ourselves personally, safe poducts, you just have to look and learn.

  According to the (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheets, (SLS) Sodium Lauryl (and Laureth) Sulphate has the ability to 
  de-nature skin, a sort of cellular de-lamination process. Every company that produces a consumabkle product has MSDS. 

  If using this material, special rubber gloves, boots and eye protection, full raincoat protective gear is required, yet it is the 
  primary ingredient in most personal care items. 

  Why ? it was simply "grand fathered in" when the thinking then was that the skin was a barrier against everything, we know
  this not to be true in 2002.

  Next time you go to a movie. try this one, visualize "yourself" standing at the front, dividing the room in half, with one half on  
  the left with cancer, the other right side without,..well not yet this is at the end of 2002,.....then it is predicted in 2020, when 
  it is said at current trends, everyone will have cancer. It does not have to be this way. You can learn how not to step on mines!

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OK, has this shaken your tree ? - stay with it, the truth always prevails. Will the truth will set you free?

  It is that sad to say, in January 2001, from the current statistics available, one in every three people now has some form of cancer,   
  do you ever stop to think why ? What did your relatives eat that cut short their life span? How many toxins have they absorbed ?
  Or more to the point, just how many toxic ingedienst did they accept as OK by reading the lable on the packet or wrapper ?

  Just how many of us really know exactly what is exactly in the foods, drinks, the candies, the drugs that are offered for sale to us ? 
  But some say, "'s only a little", yes maybe so, but how many littles make a "biggie" if consumed on a  average regular basis, 
  if one consumes 1 milligram of "110" in every candy, then how many in a packet ? Today ?, Tomorrow ? and for 10 years or more ?   

  Some companies have found new ways of making safer consumable products, they are out there, if you find a product with unsafe 
  ingredients in it, by all means, phone the manufacturer. Some manufacturers adopt the age old  " head-in-the-sand-approach" as
  in well no one told us that it was unsafe, or we did not know it damaged DNA, RNA and a human reproductive cells.

  Until some one tells a manufacturer (and they actually listen) that certain ingredients are toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or just 
  plain down-right nasty, do you seriously think they will waste any time looking just to see if anything does anything untowards? 
  Will the shareholders pass the motion to stop toxic ingredients ? The age old answer to that typically is, "people have been 
  eating it for years and no one died from it". Oh really?....did they follow up on customer illnesses due to toxic stuff in their food ?

  I bet you were never contacted by manufacturers on:-  "Gee, how are you going today ?".... "Have you noticed any stomach illness  
  or do you have any strange lumps appearing on your skin ?", or worse, "have you been checked for cancers recently ?". 

  No. Of course not. I personally have never had any company phone me and ask me such very interesting questions. Be worried !  

  Then there is the old radiation from mobile phones debate and the jury is still out on that one, Micro waves, the suppressed 
  hidden tests, the toxic fumes in the air, they can be stopped. Simple. Just vote with your feet. If it has nasties in it, put it 
  back on the shelf, hopefully the more folks who do that, the more stock has to be returned to their manufacturer.

UN-REASONABLE RISK ? .......You bet !

  Now, how many folks really believe that there is integrity in all manufacturers? let's get serious and start thinking here folks.
  Are those products we all wash ourselves and our loved ones in really safe?, what about long term effects?, did you 
  read the ingredients carefully ?

  Do you really know what each ingredient is and if it is absorbed into you skin, what is the net effect of this, or did you adopt
  the head in the sand approach ? You know you have the right to knowledge and to learn what to stay clear of. When you drive 
  a car, you know how to steer it and not to hit all other cars, power poles, people, bins etc. Of course you do. Why?...Education. 

  Did you really identify each chemical compound and do you know what happens when some compounds are mixed with others ?  
  or worse, affected by sunlight ?

  Can you really trust all manufacturers to have the integrity to supply you with the very safest non-toxic products at the cheapest
  or dearest retail price and still make a reasonable profit dividend for all their may not surprise you that the cap
  typically costs more than the contents ? FACT.

mauve line

    Now, can we really trust the manufacturers to use safe ingredients in their products ?
    What integrity is there in manufacturers who use substances banned in many countries ?    
    How many fine folks will have to die of cancer before anyone wakes up to the scam ?

mauve line

  What do all those little numbers in the confectionery, candies, the cordial drinks, the foods really mean eg: I may  
  interest you to know that the following are listed in a currently available book as being potential carcinogens,
  ( cause cancer / mutagenics or terotagenics ) ( see the Ref: below ) cancer in the market place.
  How many off this list ( below ) will you personally consume this week ? Does that bother you ?

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Why are the below listed colourings and additives not advertised as potential threats ?

   What ? Can I get cancer from these ? Surely not ! Gee...are those lovely tasty chocolate biscuits so safe ? any numbers ?  
   Do your home work.   Count the cancer causing numbers !  Just how many can you see?....1, 2, 3 or more ?

102, 104, 107, 110, 122, 123, 124, 127, 128, 129, 132, 133, 142, 151, 153,

155, 171, 173, 180, 200, 210, 211, 220, 222, 230, 231, 232, 236, 239, 249,

250, 252, 252, 260, 290, 310, 320, 321, 355, 356, 407, 431, 432, 433, 435,

436, 466, 472(e), 507, 510, 513, 518, 530, 553, 553(b), 570, 579, 621, 631,

903, 905, 905(a), 905(b), 924, 925, 926, 950, 952,954, 966, 967, 1202, etc

Reference: Peter Max Taubert's Book, Your Health and food additives,
What they are, What they are used for and Why they are used!. 2000 edition. ISBN 0 9585420 2 3

   Remember this fact, we were all not informed about the dangers of smoking cigarettes and the  
   terrible links with the various cancers that are the result of smoking until many millions died !

Please print this out and carry it with you when selecting a product, It may just save you ingesting something nasty

This list names but only a few,..write them down, they may save your life - or someone you love !

Many of the above artificial colourings are banned in many other countries, why are they not banned in Australia ?

   As at Wednesday, July 10th 2002, A USA scientific journal has now listed "Propylene Glycol" "1520" as a know cancer  
   causing agent. It is used extensively in many personal care products, hand creams, makeups, lip sticks, many skin 
   moisturisers and foods, as a " Humectant " moisturiser in cakes etc. It us typically used as a de-icer for jet wings, a
   hydraulic fluid similar to brake fluid, the active ingredient in pain stripper and after all these severe uses, now making   
   its way into cake, toothpastes, conditioners, shampoos, biscuits, some frozen chickens are bathed in it to assist 
   entering the sealing bags to be sealed up and shipped to supermarkets. How about in your icecream, keeping it soft ?
   There is a company in Queensland, Australia who sells a product that is pure "Propylene Glycol" as a food additive !

   The question is, what value is it to a human being to have this liquid enter your blood stream in from 16 ~ 26
   seconds, flow around the body and end up in your kidneys and liver, both of which organs do not know how to process  
   this man-made liquid and the human body, as remakable as it is,  thus stores it away to be processed late. No way ! 

   How about this one, Sex-Lubricants ( that warm burning feeling is Propylen Glycol getting into you and your partner )  

   The question again is, what value is it to a human being to have this liquid enter your blood stream in from 16 ~ 26
   seconds, flow around the body and end up in your kidneys and liver, both of which organs do not know how to process  
   this man-made liquid and the human body, as remakable as it is,  thus stores it away to be processed late. No way ! 

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   As at Wednesday, July 10th 2002, Dr Professor Samuel Epstein has now listed "Talcum Powder" yes, the old "Baby Powder" 
   as a know cancer causing agent.  It is used in many personal care products, as a "filler" in some drugs, a filler in Chocolates, 
   on some condoms, surgical gloves and in a variety foods. Some diabetes drugs.  It is virtually the sister to asbestos.

   Have you ever wondered why cervix cancer, cancer of the uterus and ovarian cancer as well as testicular cancer is on the 
   rapid increase ? One does not need a PhD in science to work that one out ! so, why do they use it ? It's cheap and appears 
   to fulfill its function as a filler. It does not matter that consumere are ignorant of certain information about nasty ingredients.

Click here to see about Talcum powder and its links with cancer .

Click here to see about other products that have proved to cause cancer .

Click here to read the list on companies linked to Cancer Prevention .

Click here to read the list on cosmetics proven to be linked to cancer .

Click here to read Biography of the man, Professor S. Samuel Epstein. M.D..

Are there any potential cancer risks from products manufactured using substances identified with these numbers ?

Do Government's really look after our health and is there enough testing done on these substances or colourings ?

What will be the long term net effect to your body of the consumption of products with these colourings etc ?

Learn from Englishman, Dr (Professor) Samuel Epstein Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition
Dr Epstein was winner of the " Alternative Nobel Prize " in cancer prevention, still no-one listens.
Dr Epstein is the author of The Safe Shopper's Bible, Politics of Cancer and author many peer
reviewed articles as well as the newly released book titled "Unreasonable Risk".

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Learn that there are companies out there that do care and are committed to non-toxic products

Visit A cancer awareness site Check out Cancer, Why are we still dying to know the truth
This is a series of exposes published by world renown U.K. researcher, Phillip Day.
This industry, as English Researcher Phillip Day says, is enormous, making ( or rather bleeding )
millions of money off cancer patients. Gee.. What an evil scammy lot !

What are the consequences of showering with "engine degreaser" or "brake fluid/anti-freeze"
Also known as Sodium Lauryl (or Laureth) Sulphate , SLS, SLES , or Propylene Glycol or P.E.G.
What do the M.S.D.S ( Material Safety Data Sheets ) state on these chemical substances ?
Who allows most companies to use propylene glycol in foods, personal care products, baby wipes,
medications , hair creams, skin cremes, other hair products and even now in our cakes etc ?

Always demand to see the MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets on any product you use. It is your right to know !

** Click here** to read about Aspartame.. is it really safe ?

Aspartame / Nutra-Sweet is in over 5000 "off the shelf products", how can you be sure it's not in you ?

Question:- How does Aspartame affect black ants ?

Try this trick at home. Find an ant nest, sprinkle Equal around the ant hole and a bit on a few ants returning down the hole
and note how long before the ants cease to exist.   Yes, this was a case of " let's see if ants like artificial sweeteners ".
There was no more activity from that ant hole or others nearby, the ants and their "queen" one can assume had died.

Check out Cancer, Why are we still dying to know the truth

Know anyone who hasn't got cancer ?... you owe it to yourself to really check out this site.
The lies told to us are now uncovered ! however, more to the point, the total lack of information on toxins !

All it takes for evil to take over is for good folks to do nothing ( Author ???)

Reference: Peter Max Taubert's Book, Your Health and food additives,
What they are, What they are used for and Why they are used!. 2000 edition. ISBN 0 9585420 2 3

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