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Current from September 20th 2005 onwards - No Changes are necessary
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A.B.N. 49 003 864 042        A.C.N. 003 864 042

UNITECH ELECTRONICS   was   ESTABLISHED   July 1978 - 39 + years in business today, July 14th 2017.


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The "Graphics" and certain "Information" contained on this Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.
web site could remotely include technical inaccuracies or " typo " or typographical errors
etcetera.  Changes are periodically made to these web pages and to the graphics,
these changes are made by the Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd. web site webmaster.   E. &. O. E.

These changes may be made at any time by the staff at Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd. without
prior notice at the sole discretion of the webmaster and / or the Unitech management team.

Please note : Early in 1999 our Web Site was " Hacked into " by a self indulgent "Greek" offender.
This Act constituted a breach of Australian Federal Law and as such,  the offender was swiftly
dealt with and prosecuted by the Australian Federal Police.     Let this be a warning to others.


Please note: Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd., our business was founded in July 14th 1978
and is the first and unique owner and user of the business name Unitech Electronics.  

We note with great interest that there are now several organisations calling themselves
unitech, all of whom are now using and pirating our original business identity name.
We are the original, a point we will vigorously defend in court should the need arise.

It is amazing how many " others " can get away with no regard for our legal rights
to our original business name.  UNITECH is an invented word which was derived from
UNI versal   TECH nology, a much shorter and easier name to remember and to say.

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Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.,  its staff,  its employees, and / or its respective suppliers make no
representations about the suitability of the information that is contained in the pages and graphics
contained in the Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.  web Site for any purpose.   All Pages are Copyright.
All such pages and graphics are provided  " as is "  without warranty of any kind.

All care is taken in compiling these pages with their content and their respective graphics, however
errors can occur.   Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. and / or its respective suppliers, is further indemnified
against any action as a result of information contained herein on this web site, its interpretation or
remarks to the maximum extent permitted under Australian Federal (or State) Laws and subject to the
other parts of this notice, hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information,
including all implied warranties and implied or unimplied as to conditions of merchantability, fitness for
a particular purpose, title and non-infringement to the maximum extent permitted by law, and subject
to the other portions herein of this notice. 

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Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd., its staff, its servants and / or its respective suppliers shall not in any
way or at any time be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages
what-so-ever resulting from any loss of use, any loss of data or any loss of profits, or loss of health
due to radiation from any electronic source (eg: a Monitor), whether in an action of contract, negligence
or other action arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of information contained
herein on the Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd. Web Site, or provision of or failure to provide services or
information from the Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd. Web Site. If you are concerned about radiation, then
you may wish to explore the LCD liquid crystal screen colour screen technology, with far less X-rays.

External Third Party Site Links

The Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. Web Site contains links which naturally, will take you outside of
Unitech Electronics's Web Site. Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. has absolutely no control over these
sites and therefore Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. is not, and cannot be, held responsible for the
content of any linked site or any link contained within a linked site.

These certain links shown on our web site, are provided "as is" to you by Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.
as a convenience only and, as such, their inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of the resultant
nature of any information contained on that site linked to or via the Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. web site.

This " WEB SITE " is Copyright 1978 - 2013 to Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd., No other parties.

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Australian Company Number A.C.N. 49 003 864 042
Australian Business Number A.B.N. 003 864 042


Address: 8B Tummul Place, ST ANDREWS., SYDNEY. N.S.W. AUSTRALIA . 2566

Postal Address: Post Office Box 150 MINTO., SYDNEY. N.S.W. AUSTRALIA . 2566


The Recognised Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. company Logo and Trade Mark

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The U.E. Logo Device (a Logic Nor Gate Device) within a outlined map representing Australia
and Tasmania represents the recognised Trade Mark of Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.
Established July 1978.    Other products and company names mentioned herein
may be the trademarks of their respective owners.    Where another product
(other than a product that is manufactured by Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.) is represented
herein, the company names that are mentioned or referred to or referenced throughout the
Unitech Electronics' Pty.Ltd. web Site, the Trademark ownership of those companies is fully
acknowledged and respected under the law as being for display and or illustration purpose only.

This legal notice is subject to and subordinate to, the laws in force in Australia
and limited to its states and its territories within the Commonwealth of Australia and
to international laws under the BERNE Protocol, of which Australia is a signatory.

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Terms of Reference

Please note, with regard to all motherboards, the word "motherboard" does not imply any other
item such as a floppy disk, cables, a hard drive, an expansion ( or accelerator ) card or any
other peripheral attached, the meaning is a plain motherboard itself in working order as
manufactured by any Motherboard manufacturer as well as motherboards made by Commodore-Amiga,
Amiga International, or Amiga Technologies, Amiga Inc. if it is still going or what ever the
newest "Amiga" owners wish to call themselves this time round.  Several individuals
have asserted that a motherboard comes with all sorts of extra items, this is never the case.

The same rule applies to P.C. Mother Boards as a MotherBoard is simply that, however in the case
of a P.C. MotherBoard, it is expected that the MotherBoard comes with a Manual and in some cases,
a CD pertaining to that Mother Board.  Certain manufacturers include one 40 wire 40 way two 40 way fem. IDC cable which may be included with the boxed motherboard, check first !

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Where as page refers to a computer system as described on a page or on several pages, the system is
just that, a system. No "OS" or "Operating System".   That is how the motherboards are made.

The operating system occupies the hard drive.   That is certainly a different part of the system.
If it does not refer to software being included, then it is exactly that, without software or commonly know
as no OS (operating System).   There are so many varied OS's ( operating Systems ) today, Windows
still dominates the Personal Computer market, however many other operation systems such as Linux in all its
various styles hold about 14% market share and there are many other OS versions always available to be
installed such as " ARM " and " QNX " just to mention a few.   RedHat, Fedor, Linspire are just some distro of
Linux that can be commercially purchased, others such as " Suse " appear free on cover DVDs on Magazines.

Open office, LibreOffice are yet another examples of fine Public domain software designed to run on your PC,
replacing fully Microsoft Office and both Open Office and LibreOffice are totally freeware, open sourced, you can
even contribute or write software for it. It is also available as a useful application for a Linux based system or it
can by downloaded and installed easily on Windows based system, replacing the Microsoft Office pack with a
totally "free" no hidden costs to the user, a complete alternative solution to the Microsoft Windows based system.
You now have the right and freedom to choose what will run on your computer.It doesn't get any better !

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With regard to the term " pces " or " pcs " or " pieces " or " ea " or " each ". This term refers
to individual items and not a quantity shown. For example, a line may read thus: Part number/item
code,a description followed by for example....( 109pcs )...on that same line followed by a price,
this simply means that we have in stock 109 pieces of a particular item and that the price reflects
the cost of each single piece or single item and not in the cost of the whole 109 items ( as some
have tried ) and of course, failed.

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Re-furbished and current from September 20th 2005 onwards - No Changes necessary.


Where are we located ?

Copyright 1985 - Onwards to Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. E. &. O.E.

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