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Updated January 16th 2015

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Take advantage of the huge benefits of shopping by credit card, safe, convenient and reliable.

Credit Card minimum order is AUD$ 20.00     USD$ 14.50 APPROX excluding freight and GST

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Take advantage of the huge benefits of shopping by credit card, safe, secure, convenient and reliable.

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If you require further orders, please re-submit this FORM only and complete another form altering only the "goods" required.

Please choose your preferred method of Delivery (within Australia)

Updated September 24th 2015

P.O.A. means Price On Application.

Within Australia we ship exclusively via Express Post, ( Bar-coded and Traceable and Trackable )

Up to 500 Grams $ P.O.A. + GST =$ P.O.A. anywhere within Australia,
the size limit is 353mm x 220mm x 5cm thickness.

Up to 3 Kgs $ P.O.A. + GST =$ P.O.A. anywhere within Australia,
the size limit 405mm x 310mm x 10cm thickness.

Up to 5 Kgs $ P.O.A. + GST =$ P.O.A. anywhere within Australia,
the size limit 510mm x 435mm x 10cm thickness.

Over 3Kgs Price on application ( P.O.A. ) .

Please note : Express Post does not operate in all areas of Australia, check post code first

Freight via economical Australia Post is based on cubed size,ie: H x L x W = "xyz" cubic
metres and factored in the destination Post Code, resulting in a "quoted delivery" price.

Larger boxed items via International deliveries, Price on application depending on location.
As a rule, we ship via economical Australia Post. Insurance is an option. 
We do however, suggest that all Valuable goods be fully insured.

Check here :"

 Sydney local area deliveries are always via Couriers Please $ P.O.A. + GST ($ P.O.A. including GST and packing). 

Couriers Please "Pick up times" for afternoon deliveries 9am till 10.45am "cut-off" time ( Sydney Metro ). Couriers Please will pick up from Sydney and deliver to Melbourne and Brisbane, however there is a cubic size limit on the box size, the box must be less than 43 cm x 43 cm x 43 cm. Couriers Please afternoon deliveries are from 1.30 pm till 5.30pm or close of business ( Sydney Metro ). Afternoon Pick up times "cut-off" times is 2.00 pm Monday to Friday. for next morning delivery ( Sydney Metro ). Items collected on a Friday afternoon will be delivered first thing Monday morning ( Sydney Metro ). Please allow us at least 30 minutes to process your order if it is a standard stock item

          SHIPPING Via quick and economical International Air Mail
 Shipping via economical Australia Post International : click here 

Tracking International Parcels : click here

some examples........
 Note: shipping times to USA for example, are typically 2-3 working days, this would seem to apply to
 most countries., however, if you are unsure as to how reliable the postal or freight deliveries are to your
 country, please contact your local postal or freight handling authorities and be guided by their advice.
 Please note, holiday times ( Christmas ) will delay freight due to the large volume of freight being moved.
EXCHANGE RATES Change hourly - Always check . Rates as at Sept 24th 2015 GMT
 Australian Dollar   V's    The U S Dollar  (The Green-back)  listed
The exchange rate is AUD $ 1.00  =  approx USD $ 0.704  approx. U.S.A. Dollar
 The exchange rate is USD $ 1.428  =  approx AUD $ 1.00  approx.  Australian Dollars.           

Please note: Minimum " card purchases ".

The minimum card purchase must be over AUD$ 20.00 ( approx USD$ 14.50) excluding freight and GST .

Please note: If the Credit Card Order is less than this figure (AUD$ 20.00 or USD$ 14.50 approx) it will not be processed.

Freight Rates updated January 16th 2015   Copyright 1985 - 2015 Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.

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Updated January 16th 2015

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