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Our City Of Sydney, with the Sydney Opera House and a fast hydrofoil ferry.

Where are we

Our Location: 8B Tummul Place, St ANDREWS. SYDNEY. N.S.W. Australia. 2566

Postal Address: PO Box 150, MINTO. SYDNEY. N.S.W. Australia. 2566

Our Phone: +61 -(0) 2 - 9820 - 3555 During Office Hours 9am - 5pm Mon-Thurs, 9am ~4pm Fri.

A small Bit of history......

Sydney (actually Botany Bay, some 28 Kms south of the City of Sydney) was where a little runt
of an Englishman, Captain James Cook, Captain of His Majesty's ship " H.M.S. Endeavour ", a 
small British sailing vessel, first landed with his bunch of " English tourists or English pirates" and
boats with convicts a place named later as " Botany Bay " on the east coast of Australia in 1770.

A Plaque bearing Cook's name and commemorating the names of some of the others who shared this "epic" voyage of discovery, are also indicated on this plaque, which is located at on a rocky beach at Kurnell, a Sydney waterside suburb situated on the southern side of beautiful Botany bay.

Captain James Cook, realising that good drinking water was vital for his crew's survival and crucial to the success in the starting of a British Colony, Cook decided to "press on" in search of a more satisfactory water supply as well as food and to meet with the Indigenous Aboriginal land owners.

He sailed the " Endeavour " and the other vessels further north, into what is now know as SYDNEY Harbour or more rightly named Port Jackson, the picturesque harbour port that is Sydney and found a cove with good source of drinking water from a stream, this cove is today known as Circular Quay (pronounced: "Kee"). It is there he met with the first inhabitants and rightful traditional land owners. The Australian Aboriginal people, have inhabited this great and fair land for at least 60,000 years some may argue it is perhaps closer to 100,000 years .... what ever your view, they own this land.

It was here Cook named this source of fresh water the " Tank Stream ". In only a short of few months this pristine source of fresh water became polluted, why does that not surprise you ? It seems where "civilised" man goes, he pollutes. Dumb as a box of rocks ! Since its closure to the public in 1989 , the Tank stream cannot be visited without special arrangements with Sydney Water and the National Trust and wearing special underground methane proof breathing apparatus and that folks, is truly sad.

The Tank Stream today, still passes under many large institutions such as the Commonwealth Bank in Martin Place, Sydney and several other major Financial institutions, however it now sadly serves as a "subterrainian storm water drainage corridor" under the City of Sydney Central Business District. That is progress for you, some 235 years later after the British invaded. It makes you seriously think.

In 2015, with the passing of just over 235 years since 1770, Sydney has grown from those very humble beginnings to a city of diverse cultures and has a multicultural population of just over four million people.      Sydney's total overall size has vastly increased and would measure from north to south approximately 95 Kms and from east to the far west (the foot of the Blue Mountains) and approximately a width of 70 Kms, all served by a variety of roads, tollways and railway networks.

In 1988, Sydney celebrated Australia's Bi-Cententary ( 200 years ) of white European occupation. Sydney was the host city for the splendid Year 2000 Olympics , The best ever Olympics according to Mr Juan Samaranch, these were held at the (then) refurbished Sydney suburb of Homebush Bay .

The Olympics Complex was completed on time and on budget and was indeed a true engineering marvel and a credit to all involved, for their design and engineering skills, the pleasing aesthetics in architecture and construction, a job "well done" and a crowning achievement to be truly proud of !.

SYDNEY ..... Birth place of The Nation, Gateway to AUSTRALIA .

SYDNEY, The Business Capital of Australia, located on the East Coast.

SYDNEY was the Host City for the Year    2   0   0   0   OLYMPICS

Our Physical address is : 8B Tummul Place, ST ANDREWS. SYDNEY. New South Wales. Australia. 2566

Our Global position Address is:        Lat:   34   01'   07.68''   S           Long:   150  50'  03.28''  E

Our Postal address is:   P.O. Box 150,   MINTO   B.C.   SYDNEY.    New South Wales.    Australia. 2566

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