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Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. - Our ORDERING TERMS and CONDITIONS Policy

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Credit Card minimum order is AUD $ 20.00     USD $ 20.00 APPROX excluding freight and GST

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O U R    C O N D I T I O N S    O F    S A L E

Ordering Forms


As these pages are an indication of intended pricing on products shown, the prices shown (or not shown in some cases)
are the prices currently for the date that the page was in fact written, and as such are subject to fluctuations beyond our
control, particularly computer RAM prices for example, whereas these change almost on a daily basis, hence it is often
difficult to keep up-to-date prices with regards to all items shown on all 177 pages on the Unitech Electronics web site.  
Where there is a reference to "pcs" or "pces", meaning "pieces" as in single individual items, this pertains to the pricing
per single individual item.           E. & O. E.           ( Errors and Omissions are Exempt )                                             

Always confirm all prices via email as our vast web price list is updated monthly,
prices do change without notice here on these web pages.                                 

We ask that you please do not request prices by phone, please use email only as
this " ties up " our phone ordering, local sales, service and our technical help lines.

All prices shown herein show excluded GST and added GST ( Goods and Services Tax) GST adds 10%.

Items such as Freight and Insurance are not included in our prices and attract a GST on these services within Australia.

All Orders over $2,000 will be insured at the rate of $ 25 for the first $ 500 and
$ 9.50 for any additional $ 500 or part of $ 500 and added to the freight cost.  

We ship everywhere in the World, all areas, to all countries around the world, where permitted via Post or U.P.S.

T A X.
Excluding Tax ?.............. In your dreams

As of July 1st 2000, The Australian Government and Taxation office implemented a much fairer new tax     
system called G.S.T. or Goods and Services Tax.   This tax is basically fair right across the board and it    
removed many of the stupid taxes from previous mutant governments eg: 22.5%, 32.5% 12.5% on various  
goods introduced by the Hawke-Keating Government. Can you believe it, a lousy 32.5% tax on Televisions,
Laptops, computers, video cards, and other such claimed " luxury items ", what a rip-off !                         

This site is currently being updated to reflect these changes, which will not affect overseas sales.

All overseas orders are fully sales tax ( G.S.T. ) exempt ie: no local Australian Taxes apply.

30 day credit is available for Educational or Government departments but only on an official Authorised order.

Under the A.T.O. Law, all A.B.N.s or A.C.N.'s must be displayed on "every" order,
exemptions company orders will not be accepted under any circumstances.        

All Orders and price enquiries should be emailed to :

GST ( Goods and Services Tax ) is currently 10% on all good sold new and used Computer hardware     
as well as software.  This became effective July 1st 2000 with the introduction of the G.S.T.                 

Orders within Australia will be despatched within 1 working day after you placed your order, If there is any
delay, we will advise you via email or by phone. Please ensure we have both email and phone details.      


If you wish to obtain benefit by warranty, a return must include our R.A. Number which we will supply on request also.

NOTE : Please do include a copy of your original sales invoice you received with your purchased goods.             

NOTE : All warranty claims must be returned back to base in 7 days at the customers expense, freight and        
insurance back to Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. are YOUR responsibility.                                   

NOTE : Goods returned to us and are damaged in transit by your elected courier will not be valid.                       

NOTE : Goods that are tampered with or damaged in any way by a customer are not covered by warranty.          

NOTE : Obtaining benefit of warranty by deception is an offense punishable by law and imprisonment. 

Goods returned for warranty claims that are found to be in good working order will attract a testing fee based on the time
spent by us to test and verify that there are no faults or errors and, wherever possible we will furnish or supply full details
where applicable, of what testing procedures were implemented and a printed or written list of the testing results.          

Where ever possible, it is our policy that we test all goods prior to shipping.   Goods purchased and found to be faulty  
by way of damaged on arrival to you, signed for by you as being delivered by your courier, must be notified immediately
and must returned to us within 7 days for us to claim damages against the delivery courier on "your" behalf.    Please  
note, insurance at a reasonable cost can be organised with the courier company that will be delivering the goods to you.

The suspected faulty goods will be tested by us at Unitech Electronics or in the case of certain circumstances, sent
on for direct assessment to our suppliers for their local " in-house " technical testing or for overseas testing and full  
reporting before any exchange can take place.    Note: Be aware, as this process can take up to several weeks.      

The goods, once cleared for full warranty replacement, will be freighted back to you free of any freight charge,    
providing we are notified of this fact within 7 day's of the purchase date of the said warranty claim. Please be aware.

We reserve the right to repair or replace under warranty at our absolute sole discretion.

Parts ordered in ( known as ) " INDENT ITEMS " which are not normal stock lines or are specially imported   
from overseas can't be returned for credit. Be 100% sure of what you have ordered. Mistakes are irreversable.

Non-indent Items or parts that are wrongly ordered and returned will attract a 20% re-stocking and processing fee.

C.O.D. via Australia Post is terminated
With regards to C.O.D,   Due to the send and return costs incurred by us by virtue of certain ex-Amiga customers,
strangely,   in a town located in Queensland,   who were not collecting the ordered items from Post Offices,   it is  
no thanks to these individuals (and you know who you are) that we have terminated COD deliveries,  permanently !

This financial loss was taken up at a meeting and surprisingly, certain "offending" customers names kept re-appearing
who had ordered items and found they could not pay for the item (s).   This factor was discussed at length and by an
overwhelming unanimous vote, COD is now a thing of the past. Please do not ask for COD as refusal usually offends.


We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa Card, Diners Card, Amex, Money Orders, Bank Cheques (after clearance)
Personal Cheques, only if you have an long and established trading record of at least twelve months with us.  

All credit card purchases must be over AUD$ 20.00 ( not including GST and not including freight )
this is the minimum amount due to the cost to raise an invoice and the paperwork handling fees.  

A Direct deposit into our trading bank account can be arranged, details are available on request.

Labour rates    Repairs and modifications............$100.00 per hour or (AUD$1.8333/min)........Plus 10% GST.
( Actual time taken is calculated in hours and minutes, eg: If a service job takes 81 Mins, billing = 81mins )   
Please note: For repair work, it is advisable to acquire a correct circuit diagram prior to delivery of your         
goods or equipment to be serviced and repaired. If one is not supplied, then we will need to "reverse enginer"  
the PCB to derive a circuit diagram and trace it out fully establishing a correct operational CCT drawing.       
Please Note: Labour rates do not include any materials or components nor do they include GST.

        Labour rates design work (only)   Prototyping....................$150.00 per hour ( $2.50 per Minute)..........Plus GST.
( To be 100% fair , the actual time taken is calculated in hours and minutes, Job takes 35 Mins, billing = 35mins )

        Please Note: Labour rates do not include any materials or components nor do they include GST.

All parts and materials used are in addition to time spent on the client's behalf to get a project to fruition.


Please be aware, we are not a "results only company", that is to state as in "only" being paid "only" if the result
is that the serviced or attempted repaired goods or equipment works as a final positive outcome.  We can do that if
you wish at your expense, it may take several hours, or even several days to "nut-out" a difficult to find fault in a     
Printed Circuit Board ( P C B ) and circuit.  We accept "your goods" for repair or service in good faith, however    
if it is found at some stage during the repair (s) that the said item (s) for repair or service are not going result in a    
positive working outcome, either due to customer tampering, unauthorised repairs, persons without any electronics
knowledge doing more damage that the original fault, handymen thinking they are mental giants and destroying   
more than was actually " non-functional " before they touched it.   A little knowledge is very dangerous !                

 These are just some of the service jobs we have seen and couple this with  the age of item (s) and its component (s)
 that are  "still now" currently available in stock, we will advise you of the costs incurred so far in arriving at this stage
 stage to form a "conclusion" that may be, yes it may work if we do x y z, or however only if " x y z ..." or yes it will  
 work if "x y z......" is  replaced.  At this point, you alone can now decide whether to go ahead and continue or stop.  
 What ever you choose, please bare in mind we still get paid for workshop time on your behalf, we are not a charity.  

We require payment for our company time spent on your behalf working on your goods or your equipment
irrespective of the final results that the item(s) in question or for service are working or not, payment is due.

This is "workshop time" spent on "your" behalf by our technical and service people, parts are ordered in as required.  
We always strive for perfection in servicing and repairs, however there are times where component tolerances change
over the years, due to their age or manufacturing date, it is a common held belief that some components do change  
their ( physical ) electrical characteristics at a " atomic level " over time, thus often resulting in undesirable inherent  
parasitics etcetera. Please note, we will phone you when we get to a "certain cost level" as agreed by you initially.    

This rule does not apply to goods manufactured by us here in Sydney at Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. Sydney.
We support our manufactured goods and equipment with quality original back-up service parts for up to 5 years.

Terms of Reference

Current from May 25th 2002 and this page and or document may be varied from time to time without notice.

 Please note, with regard to all motherboards, the word "motherboard " does not imply any other items  such as a   
floppy disk, cables, a hard drive, an expansion (or accelerator) card or any other peripherals  attached, the meaning 
is a plain motherboard itself in working order as manufactured by any Motherboard manufacturer as well as all Amiga
motherboards made by Commodore-Amiga LLC, Amiga International GMBH, Amiga Technologies LLC, Amiga Inc.   
LLC. if they are still "going" or what ever the newest  " Amiga "  owners wish to call themselves.                              

Current from July 17th 2004 as amended and updated on June 10th 2007.


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