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Updated August 24th 2011
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NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY - Order 1 unit , Order as many as you need !



ALL U.P.S.'s have a 12 months warranty

You know, it's ironic, you really do not know how important your Data is until it's gone !

  Just imagine, you have be on a important Business or University assignment, you have typed in over 200 + pages and 
are about to save it all your work to your hard drive, when " BINGO ", you bump the mains power board or worse,
someone blows the fuse on the circuit your computer is on any one of these scenarios would send a normally sane
person into absolute instant rage..."OH NO !"#$@*! "I have lost all my Data ", now I will have to start all
over again.      Consider the sad alternatives,   the lost time, lost productivity, the lost idea's,   who pays ?
If the user was smart , they would have been using a Uninterruptible power supply which would have "cut in" the exact
moment in time it took to disrupt the mains supply to that computer. It happens in a milli-second - all over red-rover !

Consider an even worse case, you are saving data to your IDE drive and there is a black-out or brown-out, your hard
drive is now a useless paper weight !  If you have damaged the MBR (rigid disk block) file on your hard drive you may go
through hours of re-installing your files just to make it work, even worse if you never backed it all up prior to the crash !.

CRASH-PROOF PROTECTION - Prevent loss of data now !   ( We use them ! too )

Uninterruptible Power Supply
   F.24300 ...300VA 200 Watt Unit..wgt  5.5 Kgs..(about 12 mins)....$279.00 + GST = AUD$ 306.90  

   F.24400 ...400VA 250 Watt Unit..wgt  9.5. Kgs..(about 20 mins)...$407.00 + GST = AUD$ 447.70  

   F.24600 ...600VA 350 Watt Unit..wgt 13.6 Kgs..(about 40 mins)....$589.00 + GST = AUD$ 647.90  

   F.24900 ...900VA 550 Watt Unit..wgt 19.8 Kgs..(about 65 mins)...$952.00 + GST = AUD$1,047.20  


Remember, you really do not know how valuable your data is until it's really gone !

Click here to obtain what can only be described as the best possible surge protection

Unitech Electronics, Delivers you the Best in Value and Performance and best of Breed !

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Why am I getting small shocks from my Electronic equipment & it is biting me with electrical sparks ?

Why am I getting small shocks from my Electronic equipment & it is biting me with nasty electrical sparks ?

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