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Video Crisper Pix

   A.30323 AMIGA Compatible Version.............. Part # A.30323 ......... AUD$ 61.00 + GST= AUD$ 67.10 


AMIGA VERSION ( shown above ) Derives its power from the 23 pin Video output +5V

  The Unitech Electronics "Video Crisper" contains all the amplification electronics circuitry required   
  to boost a good quality R-G-B. H & V input signal ,0.7v P-P  ranging from 15KHz up to 31KHz to   
  a suitable monitor  that could be located as far as 10 meters in length away from the AMIGA Computer,   
  or from any other computer for  that matter.

  Please note , Video Crisper is not a scan rate converter, ie: it does not convert from 15KHz to 31KHz  
  use a scan  doubler for this function.  The concept of scan doubling is done via a scan doubling device,   
  designed specifically for this function,    these are available from various Amiga dealers the UK. 

  The best results are always achieved by utilising a Hi-quality R.G.B. individually shielded video 5     
  wire cable, these are available from us, or from a good quality AMIGA computer specialist store in your    
  country.   If you use a cheap low grade cable, you will get a cheap low grade signal, it is that simple.    

  Ideally, for 15KHz the cable used must be of a high standard, resulting in no noticeable degradation in   
  total picture quality and no distortion,  the output must be  0.7volts P - P (peak to peak).   

  As a rule of thumb, any long length of video RGB cable must be fully individually shielded so that each   
  of the 5 signals will not  interfere as "cross-talk" to the others.    
  There are two distinct versions available, the "pictured above" version is the very popular 23 Way AMIGA   
  Compatible type with 23 way Female input to 23 way Male output., the Video crisper's.   

  The +5V Power is derived from pin 23 of  the AMIGA's 5 Volt rail the 23 way "D" connector, The IBM     
  Compatible (which differs) is described below. IBM compatibles do not have a power out via their 9 pin   
  or 15 pin video port.   


  The IBM  Compatible version ( Not Shown )is powered via a external Plug-Pack (COMPATIBLE ONLY IN  
  AUSTRALIA & N.Z) with standard 3.5mm input power socket.   The PC does not have an adequate +5 volt  
  "rail" incorporated into the "Hi-Density 15"  female video out connection.  This is a Hi-Density 15 Male to 15   
  Female device with the Video amplifier built within and also the voltage regulator circuitry also contained  within  
  or, alternatively you may elect to use one of our "special Voltage regulators  (Part# H.36912 RRP..AUD $ 19.95)   
  to power the VIDEO CRISPER from your IBM  PC Clone and setting the jumpers to provide +5 Volts.  

  The Plug-Pack Version uses an Australian Energy Authority approved 6 Volts D.C. plug-pack rated at 300   
  milli Amps available separately from us.  

All prices shown as excluding GST and for Australia with 10% GST added.


   A.30323 AMIGA Compatible Version ..................... Part # A.30323 ......... AUD$ 61.00 + GST = AUD$ 67.10   

IBM PC Compatible Version (* Plug-Pack Extra) ..... Part # A.15615 .... AUD$ 80.50 + GST = AUD$ 88.55  

Australian Approved 6 Volts D.C.* Plug-Pack ......... Part # H.13006 ....... AUD$ 18.00 + GST = AUD$ 19.80  

SLOT TYPE (selectable) Voltage Regulator ( Fits All rear slots in all computers )

   IBM  PC Compatible ......................... Part # H.36912 ..... RRP... AUD$ 18.00 + GST = AUD$ 19.80   

Please note : Australian Approvals are also current in New Zealand.

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