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A Variety of Ram chips, 72 pin simms, EDO simms, SIMMs, DIMMs, supplied by Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.
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Updated August 25th 2011
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Simm Modules

Last updated 28th November 2004

Please Note: RAM prices fluctuate slightly on a day to day basis

Please email us and request our latest pricing

The installation of a memory modules (SIMMS) into some NON AMIGA RAM / Accelerator CARDS may require
new settings of jumpers or DIP switches, whichever is used. Standard AMIGA Manufactured Ram/Accelerator
Cards. Simply plug into the "AMIGA's Riser card" and utilise AMIGA's AUTO-CONFIG " and readily
acknowledge, extra memory. Unlike the AMIGA computer, PCs do not auto config. They need to be told about
extra ram.

On older PC Clones, you may require an simple adjustment within the BIOS, auto detect is now used on most
new computers. Depressing the " Del " (Delete) key during boot up will bring up the machine's BIOS setup.
All configurations can be setup there.
If you are unsure as to the correct procedure for your particular machine in fitting more ram to your computer,
please do not hesitate in consulting your friendly Computer technician to assist you.

We can supply Memory products for:
Portables, Lap tops, Notebooks, Desk top, Work stations, Laser Printers
We have access to well over 30 pages of memory products

Click here and ask for our latest pricing and memory modules Not listed.

  • AMIGA 72 PIN Industry Std
  • Acer
  • ALR
  • Apple
  • AST
  • AT&T
  • Brother
  • Cisco Routers
  • Canon
  • Compaq
  • Data General
  • Data Products

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  • Dell
  • Digital
  • Everex
  • G.V.P. Limited available.
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Lexmark
  • Kyocera
  • NCD
  • NCR (AT&T)
  • NEC
  • Okidata

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  • Panasonic
  • Radius
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Silicon Graphics
  • Sun
  • Textronix
  • Texas Instruments
  • Toshiba
  • Zenith

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Macintosh Memory Modules for Power book 190/190c
Macintosh Memory Modules for Power book Duo 210/230/250/270c/280/280c

Macintosh Memory Modules for Power book 500 series
Macintosh Memory Modules for Power book 5300/5300cs/5300c/5300ce

SO DIMMS for Acer, Clevo, Daiwa, Leo, Micro Pro, Mitac, Pearl Notebook

Available in 5v or 3.3v and page mode or EDO

72pin which is about 4.5cm long

144pin which is about 6cm long and has a gap in the middle

4Mb 72pin 70nS $-call

8Mb 72pin 70nS $-call

16Mb 72pin 70nS $-call

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30pin Simms

  • 1Mb Simm 30pin 70nS + Parity $-call
  • 1Mb Simm 30pin 70nS No Parity $-call
  • 4Mb Simm 30pin 70nS No Parity $-call
  • 4Mb Simm 30pin 70nS + Parity $-call
  • 16Mb Simm 30pin 70nS No Parity $-call
  • 16Mb Simm 30pin 70nS + Parity $-call
  • 72pin Simms EDO 60nS Non Parity
  • 4Mb $-call
  • 8Mb $-call
  • 16Mb $-call
  • 32Mb $-call
  • 64Mb $-call
  • 128Mb $-call

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    72pin Simms EDO 60nS Parity

    • 16Mb $-call
    • 32Mb $-call

    72pin Simms 70nS Parity

  • 4Mb $-call
  • 8Mb $-call
  • 16Mb $-call
  • 32Mb $-call
  • 64Mb $-call
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  • 128Mb (Non comp) $-call

  • 72pin Simms 70nS No Parity

    • 4Mb $-call
    • 8Mb $-call
    • 16Mb $-call
    • 32Mb $-call
    • 64Mb $-call
    • 128Mb (Non comp) $-call

    Email us

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    168pin Dimm for Intel Providence Mother boards

    EDO/ECC 3.3v buffered

    32Mb Dimm 168pin EDO $-call

    64Mb Dimm 168pin EDO $-call

    128Mb Dimm 168pin EDO $-call

    168pin Synchronous Dimm

  • 10nS, 3.3V, W/EEPROM
  • 16Mb Dimm $-call
  • 32Mb Dimm $-call
  • 64Mb Dimm $-call

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    168pin Dimms to suit Powermac 7200/7300/9500 & New HP
    • 8Mb Dimm 168pin 60nS $-call
    • 16Mb Dimm 168pin 60nS $-call
    • 32Mb Dimm 168pin 60nS $-call
    • 64Mb Dimm 168pin 60nS $-call
    • 128Mb Dimm 168pin 60nS $-call

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    Synchronous Dimms

    168pin Dimms, 3.3v, 10nS, Qualified for Intel A440LX, NX440LX, PD440FX

    • 32Mb $-call
    • 64Mb $-call

    Video Ram Macintosh

  • 1Mb for 7200-8500 $-call
  • 2Mb for ATI/9500 video card $-call
  • Cache Ram Macintosh

    • 256k for 7200 $-call
    • 512k for 7200 $-call

    Cache Ram Macintosh

    • 256k for 6100/7100/8100 $-call
    • 512k for 6100/7100/8100 $-call

    80pin Pipeline Burst Cache SRAM

    • 256k 80pin $-call
    • 256k asynchronous sram $-call
    • 512k 80pin $-call

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    • 256k x 4 70nS 20pin DIP HY534256 $-call
    • 1Mb x 4 70nS 20pin ZIP MB814400 $-call
    • 256k x 16 60nS 40pin SOJ Video Memory $-call
    • 256k x 16 60nS EDO 40pin SOJ Video Memory $-call
    • 512k x 8 70nS 28pin SOJ MCM5V4800 $-call
    • 32k x 8 15nS 40pin Cache TS61C256H $-call

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    PCMCIA 2.0 Flash RAM Cards

    • 4Mb RAM card $-call
    • 8Mb RAM card $-call
    • 10Mb RAM card $-call
    • 16Mb RAM card $-call

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    PCMCIA 2.0 ATA Flash Camera Storage

    This card is formatted and suitable for :

    Kodak DC50, DC420, DC460

    Fuji DS220 and Sony DKC-ID1

    • 4Mb $-call
    • 8Mb $-call
    • 12Mb $-call
    • 16Mb $-call

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    PCMCIA 2.0 SRAM Cards

    NOTE: SRAM memory cards have a small battery to allow the card to retain their stored data
    in the card's memory chips after it has been removed . The batteries are long lasting but
    must eventually be replaced when they run down, so remember this factor when choosing PCMCIA SRAM.

  • 1Mb Static Ram (SRAM) card battery $-call
  • 2Mb Static Ram (SRAM) card battery $-call
  • RAM...due to weekly changes in price, contact us for the current our sales office for updates. Ph:(02) 9820 3555


  • I.04164...4164..DIL........1 bit x 64K...................................................3.25 + GST = AUD$ 3.575

  • I.41464...41464..DIL.......4 bit x 64K...................................................3.95 + GST = AUD$ 4.345

  • I.41256...41256..DIL.......1 bit x 256K.................................................3.95 + GST = AUD$ 4.345

  • I.49256...41256..ZIP.......1 bit x 256K.................................................5.25 + GST = AUD$ 5.775

  • I.44256...424256..DIL......4 bit x 256K................................................4.85 + GST = AUD$ 5.335


  • I.49416 static ram to suit A3000 ZIP (Zig-zag Inline Pkg)..............each chip..30.00 + GST = AUD$ 33.00
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    EPROMS (Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory)

  • I.02764...2764........8KEprom.........................................................$11.50 + GST = AUD$ 12.650
  • I.27128...27128......16K Eprom........................................................$6.90 + GST = AUD$ 7.590
  • I.27256...27256......32K Eprom..........12.5V pgm.................................$7.00 + GST = AUD$ 7.700
  • I.27512...27512......64K Eprom..........12.5V Pgm.................................$8.90 + GST = AUD$ 9.790

  • Have we missed anything ??....Please, do let us know. Positive constructive criticism is always welcome.

    Disclaimer: Whilst the above ram are advertised as an item offered for sale at the time of writing this page,
    stock situations however may change at our suppliers, models may be deleted and superseded, these
    circumstances are totally beyond our control, hence it will be very wise to check first before ordering
    your memory products. firstly, to see if the RAM is still actually available and secondly, pricing.

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