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Visually calculate any 3 colour " E24 series " Resistor value from Color Codes below with Tolerances


A Simple Interactive Ohms Law Calculator

 Simply enter any of two known parameters or values and press "Calculate" to solve for the others. 

 A Simple example: A 150 watt light bulb operating on 240 volts A.C. will have about 144 ohms of   
 resistance and will draw approximately ( according to the maths ) about 0.625 Amps.  
 Enter the figure of 150 in the " Watts " field and then enter 240 in the " Volts " field and press 
 the Calculate button to show the resistance and the calculated current. The resistance of   
 the 150 watt bulb is in fact calculated as 384 Ohms (according to the calculations).

 Note: All Fields shall be reset to ZER0 (0) before commencing each and every new calculation by    
 using the " Reset " button. enjoy !

E = I x R therefore: Voltage ( E ) = Current ( I ) x Resistance ( R )

Power ( watts ) = Current Squared ( I^2 ) * Resistance ( R )

Power = I x E = E^2 / R
Volts (E)
Amps (I)
Ohms (R)
Power (Watts)


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Unitech Electronics Pty Ltd is your one stop "global shop" for all your "computer" and "Electronic"
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  Why am I getting small shocks from my Electronic equipment & it is biting me with nasty electrical sparks ?

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