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Surge Protection for serial and Parallel systems, supplied by Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.

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Updated August 24th 2011
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NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY - Order 1 SurgeZapper per cable or order as many as you need !


Order Part Number: H . 6 6 9 6 9

Designed, Developed and Manufactured by Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd. Sydney., Australia.




  • Benefits and Features
  • Excellent protection against spikes on serial line.
  • Easy to install, approx 5 minutes.
  • Compact simple to use in-line design.
  • Effective economical spike protection.
  • All 8 data lines are fully protected, 9th is ground.
  • Totally 100% hand assembled and tested for reliability.

ALL SURGE ZAPPERS are fully hand assembled and hand soldered for 100% reliability and
fully tested during assembly and after assembly and, at each Surge Zapper's final testing  
procedure after being encased and sealed and then finally packaged,   ready for retailing.

We recommend using one Surge-Zapper at each serial device, for improved surge protection to the Console at a gasoline outlet. This will effectively protect from static discharges via the serial cable to earth, thus ensuring that the console computer equipment is fully guarded against spikes. The unit is connected to protect a 9 way serial link all 8 wires are each individually surge protected, wire number 9 is ground (earthing). All eight wires are fully protected. The green wire must be attached to a very good ground (earth) source for the protection to work. This may require the addition of an earth spike driven into soft ground, preferably near a dampened area for best results. Do not connect nor remove a Surge-Zapper with the system live. You must "power-down" both ends.  Warranty is limited to replacement of unit if it proves to be faulty. As with all lightning protection devices, we do not guarantee it will stop major lightning hits, a strike of over 1 Million volts would be patently obvious, however it will absorb the impact of localized static and spikes and ground EMF. Direct hits by lightning cannot be fully protected by any means what-so-ever, if you really know how, then please let us know ! Lightning tends to go where ever it wants, however, by creating a path by which it can easily travel to ground as it is expressed, the path of least resistance, via the SurgeZapper, we feel this will do the job as required. The 12 months warranty on Surge-Zapper cover defects in assembly or manufacturing only. Note: In the event of a large spike, the Surge Zapper may destroy itself in absorbing the impact of a spike. We can replace the spent parts with new ones (at your expense) the surge zapper has done its job. After a spike, Please return the SurgeZapper device for testing and rebuilding at a moderate economical price.

OK ..... Where would I use a "SURGE ZAPPER" ?

  Below is a typical situation. The Gas station is often "zapped" by static electricity and lightning strikes 
  nearby. Fitting of one (or more) Surge-Zappers to the serial lines from the pumps will greatly reduce your 
  exposure to line infiltrations of static electricity and the potential of near-by lightning strikes. Lightning
  is in itself difficult (for patently obvious reasons) to control due to the huge amount of energy contained
  in a single lightning strike, however a surge zapper will greatly reduce your chances of being totally wiped
  out by such a strike, thus keeping your "business income stream" flowing without any serious down-time.  


  The units above are connected to protect several 9 way serial links to the service (Gas or Petrol) station 
  CONSOLE sales SIU and the main computer storing all the information, which naturally would be surge 
  protected and mains filtered and have a reliable standby uninterruptible power supply unit power.
  Note, here again we designed this with all 8 wires each individually surge protected, wire 9 is ground.
  The thick green wire must be attached to a very good ground source for the protection to work.
  This may require the addition of an earth spike, preferably near a "dampened" area for the best results.
  A Final reminder " Never connect " nor remove a SurgeZapper with the system is live even at any end.

Order Part Number: H . 6 6 9 6 9

   H.66969....In-line Surge Zapper for serial cables for Gas Stations... AUD$ 58.00..+GST = AUD$ 63.80  

Designed, Researched and Manufactured and fully hand assembled By Unitech Electronics Pty. Ltd.

A parallel version " Surge-Zapper " will be available soon, subsequent to satisfactory Q.A. testing.

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